Beehives the Size of a Wall

Imagine having this as your view while you have a business meeting. The monks who lived in these stone beehives on Skellig Michael many centuries ago did. And now people gathering for business at global IT giant Cisco can too. I should perhaps point out that Cisco hasn't actually bought Skellig Michael itself as a meeting space - I'm not sure there's enough money printed in the history of the world to be able to do that. (And I'm including the Roman aureus and whatever the ancient Greeks used.) Instead, Cisco bought the image you see here to go on one of its meeting room walls. The wall decal is massive: 6 m by 3 m. That's 19.685 ft by 9.8425 ft for you Imperialists, and 16.2 palmipes by 8.1 palmipes for the Romans in the audience. (Ancient Greeks, your pous is almost the same as an Imperial foot, give or take, let's not quibble, we're not building a temple here.)

Size doesn't matter, until it does

Despite the size, the image holds up well. It was taken on a Phase One IQ80 digital back, which has 80 megapixels. That's 80,000,000 pixels. For you ancient Romans and Greeks, that's... okay, you didn't really think ahead with your numbering systems did you? Regardless, the point here is that you aren't limited by the size of a frame when it comes to putting one of my pictures on your wall. In most cases, the real limit is the size of the wall itself. Unless it's ridiculously big (I'm looking at you ancient/imperial China), I'm confident I can fill it.

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