Stag Parties and Other Logistical Tribulations

Organising photo tours is like completing a jigsaw puzzle made out of puppies. You think you have everything in its proper place until you discover that one of the pieces has had a generous bladder evacuation where it shouldn't have and has also chewed up the TV remote. Booking hotel rooms is a good example. It's a delicate dance of emails and phone calls to get the right dates in the right locations in the right order. My Connemara and Mayo trip proved especially trying. Every hotel slotted neatly into place, bar one. As a result, the whole schedule had to be rejigged. I had to start the puzzle from scratch again.

Surprising Connemara confirmation

Everything is organised now, though, and I'm looking forward to the trip. Although I do have a small concern about what awaits the group at one of the hotels, after they sent me the following confirmation: "Dear Mr Cox, Thank you for your group booking. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your stag party." Clearly, landscape photographers have a bit of a reputation.
White Strand, Co. Mayo
White Strand, Connemara

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