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Eight hours. Eight. Hours. That's how long it took me to record my first 45-minute photography podcast back in 2010. By the time my friend Roger Overall and I were done with the launch episode of The Circle of Confusion (for that was its name), we'd re-recorded each segment so many times even Stanley Kubrick would have been driven demented. Instead of just talking like two friends, we kept tripping up over every and any grammatical misstep or faltering articulation. Take after tortured take. There are trade agreements that were less painful and drawn out to produce—several were actually drafted and signed while we recorded that first episode, I'm sure. We recorded 44 episodes of The Circle of Confusion, including a one-off special. Our friend Neil McShane joined us for the majority of those. By the end of the project, in 2012, we were much more at ease in front of the mic.

Launching a new landscape photography podcast

I really enjoyed the experience, so I'm excited to be producing a new podcast series. It won't be a weekly or monthly show, like Circle. More of an ad hoc endeavour to begin with. It'll allow me to tell longer stories than I can in a blog post or in my newsletter (have you signed up for that yet?). I'll also talk in more detail about photography and the landscape. My intention is for it to be a useful resource for you—both entertaining and enlightening. In the launch episode, I talk about running workshops, a recent trip to Iceland and how you can still get striking photographs even when the weather isn't what you'd hoped for. You can listen to the episode by clicking on the player at the top of the page (or below), or by clicking on this link: A Life in the Landscape—Episode 1. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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