Photography Workshop and Expedition to Svalbard

Svalbard is a place overflowing with natural beauty. It offers abundant wildlife in one of the world's most awe-inspiring settings. A gorgeous landscape of water, ice and rock, set aglow by hours of golden light for large parts of the late-summer months. You can experience its majesty for yourself in August and September of 2018, when I'll be running a brand new photography workshop to this remote archipelago. Although, 'workshop' doesn't do it justice, really. This will be nothing short of a photography expedition. The sort that will transform you and your photography.

The photography workshop/expedition

The 11-day adventure, which I'm co-hosting with my great friend and fellow photographer Daníel Bergmann, will show you Svalbard's breathtaking landscape and the wildlife that lives in it. Of course, we will be at sea to move around, but our photography will mostly concentrate on the land. We'll be in Svalbard during a period of transition. The days will be shortening as the islands head into the polar night. We'll be treated to lots of sumptuous golden light as the sun lingers low in the sky for several hours each day. The wildlife will be in transition too. Birds will be looking to fly south. Artic foxes will be changing into their winter fur. Whales will be gorging themselves in the food-rich waters around the islands. We may even see polar bears, though this won't be the kind of trip that sails for days to seek them out on the pack ice of the far north.
S/V Antigua, the three-masted sailing barque you'll explore Svalbard on
S/V Antigua, the three-masted sailing barque onboard which you'll explore Svalbard

A sailing adventure

Apart from the exceptionally beautiful location and the captivating wildlife, what will make this trip live long in your memory is the ship we'll be on. Antigua is a three-masted barque. An honest-to-goodness sailing ship in the grand tradition of the sea. Rather than merely a mode of transport, this is a ship with a genuine maritime soul. And some modern navigational technology to ensure accurate and safe passage, of course. Our exact itinerary will depend on the weather and the sea conditions. We'll be guided by where the best landscape photographs can be taken. We'll be going ashore onboard zippy Zodiac boats that will land us at convenient locations. To get a feel for what might await you, have a look at the video below, which was filmed on one of my previous trips—around the same time of year as this 2018 trip will take place.
Svalbard - The High Arctic from Peter Cox on Vimeo

Find out more

If you'd like to experience this remarkable place, then join me in 2018. You can find all the details on the expedition page here: Svalbard 2018.

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