The Skelligs: Islands on the Edge of the World

The Skelligs: Islands on the Edge of the World

The Skelligs: Islands on the Edge of the World

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Explore the Skelligs as they’ve never been seen before. This book will give you a taste of how the monks and lighthouse builders might have experienced Skellig Michael.

128 pages with dramatic, never before seen photographs showing the islands in all their moods, from stormy and brooding to calm and peaceful. A wonderful addition to any collection.

Customer Reviews

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Günter Zweiner
Good things come to those who wait

Hi Peter;
an excellent book with interesting angles, it's a pleasure to look through it again each time
The only problem was this indifference in the supply chain DHL, but that is not your problem, probably it is owed to Covid-19
Thanks a lot

Paddy O'Driscoll
Mystical Skellig Islands

Great to see such varied and wonderful photos of the Skelligs. The quality of paper and photos is really excellent. So nice photos from places which are off limits to the public. I’ve viewed the island from the water and land but its so nice to see photos taken from places you can’t reach like the old lighthouse. Drone photos also add so much. Love the mix as well, aerial, traditional landscape, night, puffins! So nice.
On the flip side some of the two page panoramic photos while lovely were “pinched” somewhat by the book binder. Page 44 is a good example of what I mean here or indeed page 22 vs the cover photo. This is me being picky as overall its a really beautiful book.
I will be buying another to give as a present to a friend:)
A big thank you.

Amelia Dorgan
The Skelligs islands at the edge of the world

I bought this beautiful book for my husband who couldn't have been more thrilled fabulous photography

Wonderful gift

Bought for a relative who had visited the Skelligs a decade ago. He is very happy with it. Especially in the lockdown; a great escape

Dominique Majecki
perfect gift

perfect gift received on time . it is a stunning book and truly appreciated by the person who received it.

Problem, solved

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