Boyeeghter Strand Is Worth the Effort

Ireland is full of places that ask you to put in some effort before they reveal their beauty to you. Boyeeghter Strand in Co. Donegal is one of those places. You can't simply drive up to it and enjoy the view from the car while consuming an ice cream. The beach is hidden. You'll need to walk for 20 minutes or so through the surrounding dunes to reach it. But it is well worth the effort, as you can see from this photograph. On a sunny day, you'll be greeted by a golden beach and turquoise waters.

Top Boyeeghter

Earlier this year, the Irish Independent named it Ireland's top hidden beach. (Though you have to think that in doing so, it has immediately relegated it right to the bottom of the list.) One thing the newspaper couldn't shed any light on was the origin of the strand's local nickname: the Murder Hole. Some say it recalls the sad episode of a lady who fell from the cliffs. Or was she pushed by an English soldier? Or perhaps the name is a warning to would-be swimmers about the treacherous currents off the beach. What is certain is the strand's untainted natural charm and allure.

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