Phase One Webinar

I'll let you in on a secret. One photographers don't like admitting to. I trust you to keep it to yourself. It's pretty explosive stuff. Here it is. Ready? Photographers don't actually take photographs to make pictures. No, no, no, no. We do it so we can play with gear. Lovely, shiny, metallic objects of desire. Black bodies demanding to be caressed. Lenses with elements and groups and coatings—the bigger the be... Sorry, I came over all peculiar there. Wobbly knees and all lightheaded.

Phase One broadcast

We also love talking about gear. It's like a disease. We can't help ourselves. We see a picture and, before our brains can intervene, our mouths have asked, "What did you take that with?" Do painters do this? You can't imagine Rembrandt ever having had a drink with Vermeer and asking, "Jan—that pearl earring girl, what brush did you use for that, then?" I, of course, am above such things. For instance, I was in Copenhagen recently to talk about my gear, I mean my photography, with Phase One, makers of professional photographic hardware and software. You can click on the image below to see the webinar the company published of a conversation I had with product manager Drew Altdoerffer. In it, you'll find out what camera gear I have and how I use it. You'll see me talk about the apps and websites that I use to help me plan my shoots. And you'll see how I use Capture One software to process my images afterwards.

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