My Biggest Order

When Carol, my gallery manager, called me during filming, I knew it was important. So I took the call. I'm glad I did. She had lost her mind. Or so it seemed. Carol was in the gallery with a client who wanted to buy some prints. She wanted to give him a generous discount. Crazy generous. I asked her to repeat herself. Because of the outdoor location and the quality of the phone connection, I hadn't heard the order size properly. A classic case of missing a zero. Suddenly, the quote Carol was checking with me, and her suggested discount, made a whole lot of sense. It was one of the biggest orders we'd ever had. 180 framed prints for the Ripley Court Hotel in Dublin. I was elated.

Framing solution

I was also mightily relieved that we had decided to outsource the manufacture of our frames earlier in the year. Previously, we had been hand making them ourselves from scratch. That said, it still took us a few weeks to print, mount and frame up the entire order. We got it done within the timeline I had given the hotel owner, and there was merely the nerve-wracking drive up to Dublin with a van full of highly breakable framed photographs. Everything worked great, and I look forward to seeing the images hanging in the rooms soon! I'd happily do it again—just in case you own a hotel and want framed prints for the guest room walls.

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