Star Wars Film Location

The waiting is almost over. Soon we will know. Did Luke take his lightsaber from Rey’s outstretched hand? Or did he kick her and the lightsaber over the steep cliffs of Skellig Michael, the Star Wars film location on the west coast of Ireland? (I’m going to stick my neck out and say he didn’t do that last thing.) I’ve already booked my tickets to see the film. I’m excited to see it—partly because I enjoy sci-fi, partly because I have a strong affinity with the Skellig Islands, one of the major locations in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I’m beyond curious to see how they used this stunning location in the movie. I’ll also get a thrill from knowing that I’ve stood on the set of one of the defining film series of our age.

Star Wars film location

I wonder whether they added anything to the island in post-production, or whether they let this incredible location speak for itself. (Of course, if JJ Abrams needs the loan of a filter to add a rainbow to any of his scenes in the third instalment, he only has to ask.) As we count down the days to the release of the film, perhaps you’d like to revisit some of the images I’ve posted this year of Skellig Michael and its smaller sibling Little Skellig? And I hope you won’t mind me reminding you that you can order framed and unframed prints of all of them. Just click on the image to go the order page. Each print sale helps keep the lights on at home and me, sorry my son, in Star Wars pyjamas.
Skelligs Sunset by Peter Cox
Skelligs Sunset
Peter Cox Little Skellig Rainbow
Little Skellig Rainbow
Beehives, Skellig Michael
Beehives, Skellig Michael

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